Highlights From the Practice Fields

19 freshmen reported to practice Tuesday morning, among them was Kelvin Grant, who just cleared by the clearinghouse within the last 24 hours. The other players still awaiting word should be reporting to Clemson shortly. Details on who looked good and more are inside.

Tommy Bowden was very optimistic after the first official practice with his freshmen players, "It's a very athletic group, we've got some skill guys, they just aren't familiar with the intensity of the drill. Its the first time we've had large offensive line numbers, which is good."

In terms of who is going to contribute this season, Bowden remains cautious as to which players will see action, and which will see a redshirt. "Some of them will get an opportunity. There will be a couple that will contribute early, but like I say, you'd like to be able to redshirt them all," said Bowden.

* You could instantly see why the coaching staff liked Gerald McCloud as a wide receiver. McCloud looked smooth out there in several passing drills. He runs tight routes, and has good hands. I came away very impressed with him for the opening day of practice.

* Kelvin Grant also looked sharp in more than one way. If you look at him from far away, you might have mistaken him for LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant. In all seriousness, he looked good, but I think most of us expected that coming in to the season, simply because he was so well known around South Carolina.

* Justin Miller looks very polished. Something about this kid tells you that he's a competitor that oozes confidence. Sure, it's only the first day, but I like how he looked. I'm anxious to see how he responds to full contact, but of course you could say that about everyone out there.

* Tim Debeer looked noticeably bigger than some of his most recent pictures from last year. It appears that all of that offseason work in the weight room has paid off.

* What else can you say about the lonely life of the kicker? Cole Chason practiced mostly by himself Tuesday morning, but I came away very impressed with his leg. From far away, I saw him get off several punts that would have easily carried more than 50 yards in a game type situation. I'm not ready to pencil him in ahead of Wynn Kopp just yet, but he certainly has potential.

* Tommy Bowden had nothing but good things to say after practice. "This is the first time we've had numbers on the offensive line, so thats good," said Bowden. "We'd like to redshirt all these kids, but there will be a few that will likely be able to contribute early."

* Obviously, the coaching staff thinks Kelvin Morris is a fast one. He was practicing with Buddy Williams and Justin Miller with Coach Lovett. Morris has excellent footwork- it was hard to tell that he is actually a linebacker.

* You can tell Chansi Stuckey is an athlete, but I'm still not sure if he will stick at quarterback. I saw him complete some crisp passes to Kelvin Grant and Gerald McCloud in several drills. He also had plenty of zip on those throws. I still think he could help the team out in the other ways, especially if the staff utilized him as a slot receiver or a cornerback.

"Chansi has played in some big games, and both him and Proctor looked composed out there," said Bowden.

* First thing you notice about Roman Fry is that he is a big one. He may not be as heavy as you would like, but I'm confident that will come with time. Remember, he's only a freshman and he has the bloodlines to explode. I came away impressed with what I saw from Roman Fry.

* It was great to see Gaines Adams on the practice field. We watched him several agility drills, and he looked very quick on his feet for a defensive lineman. Adams probably weighs in over 240 right now.

* Buddy Williams might be a little taller than Justin Miller, but Miller is a bit more stocky. We watched the both of them work extensively with Coach Lovett. Both moved around the field with ease, displaying good footwork as Lovett gave instruction. I think Miller looked slightly better overall through their first couple of drills.

* Will Proctor defintely looks like a Clemson quarterback. Again, both him and Chansi Stuckey only went through passing drills with the freshmen wide receivers, so don't go jumping through the roof just yet. On a lighter note, Proctor downplayed rumors of him dating pop star Britney Spears, "I'm geting rid of that one right now, there is nothing going on there, I don't know how that got started," he said after practice.

"I was excited to get out there, but of course we have all been excited for a long time," said Proctor.

* Kelvin Grant will wear #88 this season, which was his number at Camden. After making the switch to the defensive line, Todd McClinton will move to #89. Gerald McCloud will wear #13, the old number of Grant. "If he comes out better than what we got we'll play him," said Bowden.

* Dustin Fry looks strong and stocky. I wasn't able to watch him as much as I would have liked to, but we heard some good things about him as practice closed down.

* Vontrell Jamison is absolutely huge. He was probably the most intimidating player out there this morning. I have a hard time not seeing him getting in there early this season. "You want to find a way to get Vontrell on the field immediately because he's got 3 (years) to play 3. Vontrell is big," said Bowden.

* Brad Lee looked much bigger than we expected. He also was suffering with the heat, getting sick on more than one occasion during drills with the rest of his offensive linemen.

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