Chason Opens Up Strong

Cole Chason showed us this morning why he was such a highly coveted placekicker coming out of high school. The freshmen kicker boomed a majority of his kickoffs deep into the endzone. Details on his progress and much more are contained in this report.

Cole Chason saw extensive action this morning in front of the entire coaching staff as the Tigers' featured kicker on kickoffs. He initally lined up from the 30-yard line, due to a slight breeze at his back for his first couple of attempts.

He was able to hit about 50% of those kickoffs right at the goaline. After moving up 5 yards to the 35 yard line, Chason boomed several kicks through the back of the endzone. "They moved me back 5 yards at first because of the wind," said Chason. Normal college kickoffs are hit from the 35-yard line.

Although his kicks may have been a little low, Chason demonstrated solid leg strength.

Spent a good bit of time watching quarterback Will Proctor this morning. He looked great rolling out of the pocket to his right. He hit Kelvin Grant and Gerald McCloud right between the numbers with regularity as Coach Stockstill had his receivers running 15-yard out patterns.

Kelvin Morris continued to work with defensive backs Buddy Williams and Justin Miller. Morris was also catching the long kickoffs of Cole Chason. Coach Stockstill joked with several reporters that one of his "11-yard kickoff returns" would make for an exciting headline in tomorrow's paper.

I also had my first significant look at Brandon Jamison and Anthony Waters. Jamison looks ready to play- he's extremely quick on his feet. Waters looks much bigger than what I expected, and he ran well in several of the agility drills I watched.

On the injury front, Dustin Fry went down with an injury about midway through practice. He spent the rest of the morning session with an icepack firmly in place over his right knee. He was able to hobble around afterwards, but the extent on the injury is not yet known.

Brandon Cannon and Vontrell Jamison also were impressive today. You've probably heard by now that Jamison is big, and it's true- he is enormous. I have a hard time believing he won't see significant action early in the season. Cannon looked chizzled. He also seemed to be in the most intense out of the group of defensive ends.

Kelvin Grant looked even better today than what we saw yesterday morning. Grant was running a variety of routes, ranging from 15-yard outs to short crossing patterns. He caught everything in site, but what really caught my eye was his speed on the deep ball. He could make an adjustment on almost any kind of pass thrown his way. I feel good in saying that Kelvin Grant will see some playing time early in the season. Top Stories