DT Cedric Boone Update

Cedric Boone is one of the top defensive tackle prospects in the southeast. Boone put up an incredible 500 pound bench press a junior, and even though he was hurt towards the end of his last year, he is ready to return in 2002.

No doubt, a lot of teams want the services of defensive tackle Cedric Boone. The diverse defensive star has good speed and plenty of size (6-4, 325). Power? Not a problem, a 505-bench press and 630 squat qualify Boone as full of strength.

But while there is little doubt about Boone's size and ability, there is plenty of doubt surrounding his college choice.

"What can I say? I like a lot of schools. I have no favorite right now. But I like them all. Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida State have all called my house. Others have called my school, but I am not sure who they are. I like Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, and South Carolina."

Boone explained that his high school program, Americus, is itching for a state title and that they are wiling to work during the off-season to win it. Boone's former teammate Leonard Pope signed with Georgia in 2002, but failed to qualify. Another former Americus player, John Harris, signed with Florida State.

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