Grobe: "We've Got to Play Above Our Heads"

They're saying this is the biggest game for Wake Forest in nearly 30 years. But when a team hasn't been 6-0 since 1944, it's easy to understand why it's so huge for the Demon Deacons.

However, this game is obviously just as big for Clemson, which has thoughts of the BCS and a conference title.

But for Wake Forest, the 5-0 start may have greater value and meaning. The Tigers expect to be good. The Demon Deacons just want to be respectable.

And considering Wake Forest lost its starting quarterback, starting tailback and starting left tackle, the 5-0 start really is something special for the Demon Deacons.

Wake Forest is also the only team in the conference to have beaten a team from another BCS conference. And they've done it three times.

"I don't know that I'm surprised to be 5-0," Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe said. "I thought going into the season that this was going to be a better football team than we've had in a while, mainly because of our experience and I thought we had a little bit better depth.

"I guess I'm somewhat surprised that we're 5-0 now knowing that we've lost Ben Mauck and Micah Andrews for the season. I think going into the season, I felt really good about our chances, maybe not to be 5-0, but to start pretty strong. But I always counted on having (quarterback) Ben Mauck and (running back) Micah Andrews in the mix."

Imagine if Clemson had lost tailback James Davis, quarterback Will Proctor and left tackle Barry Richardson. Many fans and media members would kiss their ACC title hopes goodbye.

There's no question Grobe and his players have done a very good job thus far. But he also knows that real season gets underway Saturday and lasts through the final week.

"Down the stretch, there's no question the talent level goes up quite a bit over the next seven weeks," Grobe said. "I'm happy that we're 5-0, but our coaches and our players all know that the teams that we're going to play the rest of the season are all more talented than the ones we've faced so far."

In order to reach that elusive 6-0 mark, Grobe said his team has to play near perfect.

"We've got to play a little bit above our heads, to be honest," he said. "I think this is by far the most talented and most balanced Clemson team we've played. In the past, we've played some Clemson teams with some really good talent, but I think this is the best talent they've had and the most balance they've had. They're leading the ACC on both sides of the ball. ...

"I think it's going to take a great effort for four quarters and a little bit of luck. Having the ball bounce our way a few times wouldn't hurt."

Demon Deacons offensive guard Louis Frazier is looking forward to the challenge against No. 15 Clemson.

"We're very excited to show what we're made of this weekend," he said. "This is probably one of the most important weeks of practice we've had. This is a huge game and we need a victory." Top Stories