More Images From Practice

Here are some of the highlights from this week's practice sessions with the incoming freshmen class.

LB Anthony Waters keeps his eye on a would be running back in a drill which emphasized squaring up for the tackle.

Waters and Brandon Jamison go through drills.

Brandon Cannon takes his turn against the sled as defensive line coach Thielen Smith offers encouragement.

Kelvin Grant lines up with the rest of the freshmen as Chansi Stuckey receives the snap.

Death Valley always looks good.

Kelvin Morris and Buddy Williams go through drills with Coach Lovett.

Buddy Williams, Kelvin Morris, and Justin Miller take instruction from John Lovett.

Kelvin Morris heads to the sidelines for a break from the action.

Chansi Stuckey gets ready to continue his passing drills, while Cole Chason practices in the background. You can also see Brian Mance and several other Tigers working on their conditioning.

Reggie Merriweather receives instruction from running backs coach Burton Burns. Top Stories