Week 7: Clemson Beat Pick 'Em

Ready to see what the so called "experts" think about this weekend's big games?

You read their articles every single day. Now lets see if they really know what they're talking about.

CUTigers.com presents the "Clemson Beat Pick 'Em" featuring college football picks from the writers covering Clemson's 2006 season.

Featured Writers

Brett "Myspace.com" Jensen

Will "Gaines Adams Rules" Vandervort (Daily Journal)

Dan "Large and In Charge" Scott (WCCP)

Paul "Trouble with the Tribbles" Strelow (The State)

Roy "Man this Ring is Heavy" Philpott (CUTigers)

Larry "Tuesdays with Ray Ray" Williams (Post & Courier)

Greg "Shoeless" Wallace (Anderson)

Eric "Buy Me a Watch" Boynton (Spartanburg)

How it works: Each writer is asked to pick five games a week, with one pick being designated as the "lock of the week." Each correct pick receives one point. Each "lock of the week" picked correctly receives two points.

Friday afternoon all picks will be posted here on CUTigers.com. The following week, results will be posted from the previous week's picks, including updated rankings so fans can clearly see who truly knows their college football.

In addition, CUTigers.com is also allowing one Clemson fan a week (each week it will be someone different) to post their picks against the Clemson beat writers. To have a chance to be that fan, visit the CUTigers.com Premium Message Board The Valley on Friday afternoons for details.

Congratulations to Matthew Templeton from Clemson for being this week's fan entry!

Week 6: Clemson Beat Pick 'Em
Writer Clemson (-43.5)
vs Temple
Va Tech (-32)
at BC
Wake (+4)
at NC State
Florida (+1.5)
at Auburn
Michigan (-6.5) at
Penn State
Paul Strelow
(The State)
Clemson Va Tech N.C. State Auburn Penn State
Larry Williams
(Post & Courier)
Temple Va Tech Wake Florida Michigan
Roy Philpott
Clemson BC Wake Florida Michigan
Dan Scott
Clemson BC Wake Florida Michigan
Brett Jensen
Clemson Va Tech Wake Auburn Penn State
Will Vandervort
(Daily Journal)
Temple Va Tech Wake Auburn Penn State
Eric Boynton
Clemson Va Tech Wake Florida Michigan
Greg Wallace
Clemson Va Tech Wake Auburn Michigan
Matthew Templeton
(The Fan)
Clemson Va Tech Wake Florida Penn State

* Lock of the Week picks for each writer are bolded.


Paul Strelow     (16-13-1)     21 pts
The Fan          (16-13-1)     21 pts
Eric Boynton     (16-13-1)     19 pts
Dan Scott        (15-14-1)     18 pts
Greg Wallace     (15-14-1)     18 pts
Will Vandervort  (14-16-1)     17 pts
Brett Jensen     (14-15-1)     16 pts
Larry Williams   (12-17-1)     13 pts
Roy Philpott     (11-18-1)     11 pts

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