Quick Hits with C.J. Spiller

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com caught up with freshman RB C.J. Spiller earlier this week to get his thoughts on tonight's game against the Temple Owls.

Freshman running back C.J. Spiller scored on a 72-yard run last week against Wake Forest to give Clemson a 24-17 lead.

It was the longest run by a Clemson running back in 13 years.

In all, he rushed for 104 yards on just nine carries to help lead the Tigers to the 27-17 win.

Earlier this week CUTigers.com talked with Spiller about the big play, and his second consecutive game with over 100 yards rushing, in another edition of Quick Hits.

C.J. another big play for you last week against Wake Forest with the 72-yard touchdown run. Talk about what you saw on that play and how it developed.
Spiller: It all starts up front with our offensive line. They were opening up holes all day long. But on that particular play the hole was there and I just hit it at the perfect time. I went back and watched it on film this week and I saw where Thomas Hunter had a real key block and I was able spring free.

You've got Temple on Thursday and I know you've seen some film of what they like do defensively. What can they do that could potentially slow this offense down?
Spiller: Well we know they are going to blitz a lot and play man coverage. It's going to be a great game. We know they haven't won a game but we will be out there with a bull's-eye on our back. We know that. We've gotten a lot of media recognition the last couple of weeks so we'll be ready for this one.

Seems like the theme in the locker room this week has been to avoid the letdown at all costs, similar to the Florida Atlantic and Louisiana Tech games. Can this team do that once again against Temple?
Spiller: We just have to keep our focus on Temple when it comes to this game. We know that any team can be beaten on any given day. The key for us is to just not look ahead to Georgia Tech next week. We've had some great practices this week so the focus is there.

What do you think about playing a game in Charlotte?
Spiller: It's going to be great. I know it could be cold again. Hopefully it won't mess with our game. But it's good for the fans. We'll have more fans in Charlotte than we would have had up there in Philadelphia.

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