Quick Hits with James Davis

CLEMSON - Looking for a player who has something to prove Saturday night against Georgia Tech?

Sophomore running back James Davis enters Saturday's game against No. 13 Georgia Tech as the leading rusher in the ACC, averaging just over 106 yards per game.

But that's only part of the story.

Davis, a native of Atlanta, wants to have a breakout game against a team that plays their home games just down the street from where he grew up.

CUTigers.com sat down with Davis to get his thoughts on those topics and more in another edition of Quick Hits:

James obviously this is a very important game for you, as you've been saying all week, because you're from Atlanta, right in Georgia Tech's backyard. What are your thoughts on playing these guys Saturday?
Davis: It's very important to me. I know a lot of the guys at Georgia Tech. I know they are really looking forward to trying to stop me and get some big hits on me. So I know I have to have a big game because a lot people in Atlanta are depending on me ... the guys that stuck with me to come to Clemson. So I want to show those them why it was a good decision for me to come to Clemson.

I've heard some of Georgia Tech's players, your friends, have been calling you this week. What have they been saying to you?
Davis: They really don't do too much bragging but I know they are expecting to get a win. But we have to improve those guys wrong. We have to execute. If we can do that then we should come out of there with a win.

Execution is always a key in any big game, but with this defense you are about to face, they like to do some unorthodox things, including bringing a lot of pressure via the blitz. How important is it for you to be able to pick up the blitz and give Will Proctor some extra time back there in the pocket?
Davis: Well, it starts with our offensive line. We've played a lot of games where teams will start blitzing us early but then they have to stop as we go through the game. Our offensive line has only given up four sacks all year so those guys are doing their job. We have a great coaching staff and they work hard and they scheme teams really good and they got a great scheme this week. We'll be okay.

So here you are leading the conference in rushing at over 106 yards per game. A lot of people around here know about you but I get the sense that you could really step onto the national stage with a big game against Georgia Tech. Especially with the game being on ESPN and College GameDay being here. Your thoughts on that comment?
Davis: Yes. I really think this is going to be a big game for me. If I go out there and have a big game I know there's going to be a lot of people talking about me with every kind of category. Everything is here this weekend. I've got the national spotlight on me. This is where I like to be, with everybody looking at me so I know I have make the big plays and help my team win this game. It's going to be real intense.

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