The nightmare has ended and Xavier Dye will take the field Friday night and do his best to help Byrnes make another championship run. CUTigers.com spoke with the happiest guy in the South Carolina earlier Monday.

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Future Clemson wide receiver Xavier Dye got the word Monday afternoon from his head coach Bobby Bentley that he can officially hit the field Friday night for the Byrnes Rebels.

"Everyone kept asking me all day if I had heard. I didn't know for sure until coach B told me I had been cleared," Dye told CUTigers.com. "It is a huge relief to get it behind me. I am very excited to get on the field.

"The coaches (at Clemson) just kept telling me not to worry about it. They told me to concentrate on my school work. They said we will have you in December."

Now that Dye is eligible to play, he has immediately started practicing with the first team again.

"It is real intense," he said. "It is the first day I have been back with the first team. I was winded for a bit. After the first 30 minutes I was back to normal. I didn't want to take minutes from the others so I hadn't practiced with the first team until today."

Not surprisingly, the three other verbal commitments to Clemson (Korn, Diehl, Hunter) at Byrnes were all thrilled with the announcement.

"They were all happy," Dye said. "They came up and gave me hugs. They were ready for it to be over too. They knew what I had gone through."

The talented receiver was also back in the Valley Saturday night.

"It was awesome," Dye said. "It was one of the best experiences. We moved up to top 10 now."

Dye also added he hopes to practice with the Tigers for the bowl game.

"Yeah I am going to graduate in December," he said. "I will enroll in January. Willy and I will probably room together."

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