Bowden Teleconference Notes

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden met with the media Monday afternoon for his weekly teleconference. The Tigers have an off-week this weekend before facing archrival South Carolina on Nov. 25.

Clemson will only practice three days this week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), which will allow a tired team to get rejuvenated for the Gamecocks.

But while the players rest, the coaching staff is feverishly at work.

"We'll start game planning right now for South Carolina," Bowden said. "With a bye week in the middle of the year, we probably would have practiced a little bit harder. We've already played 11 straight weeks."

Bowden said the biggest problem with his team right now isn't from a physical standpoint.

"I think it's more of a mental stress than fatigue," he said. "There's no doubt that it's a physical strain when you play 11 straight, but there's also a mental strain. When you play 10 games and five of them are in the top 25 in the nation, that's a mental strain. Nobody in the nation's done it. Only a few of the teams have played three top 25 teams in the nation."

Well, that's not entirely true.

Just in the ACC, North Carolina has played more teams currently ranked in the top 25 with six. N.C. State has also played five currently ranked teams, while three other ACC teams have played four.

N.C. State review
Bowden said that while nothing really jumped out at him from a positive or negative standpoint, he couldn't be happier with the outcome considering all of the outside factors surrounding the game.

"With the kind of mental advantage they had – we were already bowl eligible and have seven wins, they have to have it, we've played 11 straight and five top 25 teams – I was very pleased to come out of there with a win."

Get rid of the 12th game
If Bowden were kind of the NCAA for even a minute, one of the first things he'd do is scrap the 12th game of the regular season.

"I don't like it," he said. "I don't know one coach that likes it or one player that likes it. The only ones that like it are the college presidents, because it makes (lots of money)."

Injury update
Brandon Cannon, who hurt his knee in the second quarter and didn't return to action, had his knee drained and is expected to be ready for the Gamecocks Top Stories