Top Junior OL Back in The Valley has the latest on one of South Carolina's top junior offensive lineman and his visit to Clemson this past weekend.

OL Kenneth Page Profile

Kenneth Page, a 6-5, 280 pound prospect out of Columbia's A.C. Flora High School, visited Death Valley Saturday afternoon to watch the Tigers battle N.C. State.

"It was a good visit. It was a good game. I came with my girlfriend. She had a good time," Page told

What was the highlight of the visit for the Palmetto standout?

"It was probably the game," he said. "I have been there so much that it is all pretty much the same. "I talked with coach Napier a little. He is recruiting my friend A.J. Harmon from Georgia. Me and A.J. met this summer at the Clemson camp. We are good friends now. We have been keeping in touch."

The Tigers continue to hold the lead for Page.

"Clemson is still number one on my list," he said. "I don't plan on making a commitment until my senior year." The season has ended for A.C. Flora, but the prize recruit is already back in the weight room.

"We went 3-7 and we didn't make the playoffs. They gave us three weeks off, but I started a week after one week," Page said.

Expect to see Page back in Death Valley in two weeks.

"I know I am going to Clemson game against South Carolina. I am not sure where I will go this Saturday. I may go back to South Carolina for their last home game," Page added. Top Stories