Wednesday Clemson Football Notebook

CLEMSON – Despite the fact that heavy rains pushed football practice indoors and that Clemson doesn't have a game for another 10 days, head coach Tommy Bowden said the players were attentive Wednesday night.

Even though the game against South Carolina isn't until next Saturday, it still carries enough weight to grab the attention of the players.

"We've played 11 games and they're excited to have had a couple of days off," Bowden said. "We've got a pretty good attentions span right now. It hasn't been hard for them to focus."

Bowden said the easy week in practice has refreshed his team mentally and physically.

"I was more concerned mentally than I was physically," he said. "I'm sure there was some physical fatigue, but I think it was more mental than anything. That was the biggest concern.

"They bounced around in practice pretty good."

It's no secret the Tigers have struggled the last three week, having lost two and winning the other in a fashion that wasn't pretty.

In that span, Clemson went from being ranked No. 10 to not at all to its current position of 25th.

Through it all, Bowden said the confidence of the team is fine.

"I wouldn't say confidence (for the players) is a problem," he said. "Are they disappointed they're not 10th in the nation? Yes. It's disappointment more than anything. Depression would be the 2006 term." Top Stories