Jeff Scott Wins Title in First Year

COLUMBIA - Former Clemson Tiger Jeff Scott and his Blythewood team have been on a magical ride this year. The magic continued until the final seconds Saturday night as a last second field goal gave Blythewood the 3A State Title. caught up with the former Tiger as he celebrated the big victory in Williams-Brice Saturday night.

How does it feel to win the state championship?
Jeff Scott: "It is hard to take in. There is something special about this group of kids. This is a great group of kids, the administration and the assistant coaches. I have just been here along for the ride and I just feel blessed to be here."

Did you ever think two years ago this could happen so quickly?
Jeff Scott: "No, you knew there was something special about the kids but you really can't look that far ahead in advance. We just knew there was something special about these kids. They just work extremely hard. There is a great chemistry. The work well together and you can see they play hard for four quarters."

With this happening so early in your career where do you go from here?
Jeff Scott: "Well I'm not really worried about myself. Hopefully I will be able to coach for a few years but I am just blessed to be here. God has definitely put me here for a reason. I think it has affected these young kids. That's what really the success is all about. This right here is a lot of fun, but my job is to be there and have a bigger impact on the kids."

What were you thinking as you paced the sidelines during the timeouts when they tried to ice the kicker?
Jeff Scott: "Well there were a little bit of nerves. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. But our kids fought hard all year to put us in this situation. That is something they have had all year so I was just kind of counting on that to come through here at the end."

How special is it to win a state championship in your first year?
Jeff Scott: "It has really been a magical year. I told our kids this has been a magical year and this is something that doesn't happen very much. Our kids were just so, so excited about this. This is something we will remember for a long time. It will probably take some time for our kids to really understand and appreciate how special this year has been." Top Stories