Music City Bowl Bound

The Clemson Tigers (8-4) will play in the Music City Bowl on Dec. 29 against the Kentucky Wildcats (7-5), has learned.

Tommy Bowden Quotes
"Every team's goal is to go to a bowl game. Nashville I've been to several times. Last time I went to Nashville? Probably when I was with Alabama and with Auburn."

"The way these things have gone from a selection process. They've gotten so far removed from the coaches making the decisions. I haven't really thought about going here so many times or going there so many times."

"The players like to go somewhere where there's a lot of things to do. Nashville is surely a city like that. I think they'll be very excited."

"I think their quarterback is the No. 1 quarterback in the SEC in passing efficiency. So they are probably fairly productive on offense based on the statistics."

"I don't think motivation will be a problem. I really don't." Top Stories