Checking In with Thomas Hunter

CLEMSON - recently spoke with senior tight end Thomas Hunter about the upcoming bowl game against Kentucky and also about the trials and tribulations of this past season.

Thomas, it seems like a lot of things changed for this team between the Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech games. With the regular season now behind you, have you been able to put your finger on just what happened?
Hunter: It seems like every week we really practiced how we had all year. I think that's what makes it even more frustrating is that we don't know exactly what it is.

Do you get the sense that teams just figured out what you guys were trying to do offensively?
Hunter: Well that probably has something to do with it. Last year, was the first year in this offense and obviously it's going to take a while for opposing teams to figure out what we are doing. I think now we have to make some adjustments, throw in some new wrinkles and get better at what we are already doing. It's a good offense, we just have to get better at it.

Going back to the South Carolina game, did you ever get the sense that they knew what was coming, especially after things began to bog down after the third quarter?
Hunter: Well that last drive we drove it all the way down there and a had a chance to win the game. That's all you can ask. Same thing with the Maryland game, we had an opportunity to win. We just didn't get those wins.

For the second consecutive year you guys end up just one point away from reaching the ACC Championship game. Obviously it's good that you are getting close, but it also has to sting a little bit as well.
Hunter: It's real frustrating. You know, had we won the Maryland game, it was the same thing as the Georgia Tech game last year. Then you are sitting there watching the ACC Championship game and you beat both the teams that were playing in it. So yeah, it's kind of aggravating, but at the same time we had the opportunity to win the ball game and we just didn't get it done.

What do you think about going to Nashville for the bowl game?
Hunter: I'm excited. I've never been to Nashville. We get to play an SEC team so that's good. We know Kentucky is a good team and we are looking forward to getting up there to play them. Last time we played Kentucky, I was watching that ball game with Terry Smith caught the touchdown pass in the Peach Bowl. There's a little bit of history of us playing Kentucky. We're happy about where we are going and we are going to give it our all. Top Stories