Gronkowski Back from Clemson

One of the top tight ends in the nation just finished his official visit to Clemson. What did he think of his trip? Is he any closer to making a decision? Read on to find out!

TE Rob Gronkowski Profile

The Clemson Tigers rolled out the orange carpet for 6-6, 250 pound tight end prospect Rob Gronkowski the past two days.

"It was good. I had a good visit. I really liked all the dinners. I liked getting to know the other recruits. Overall it was a good visit. Everything went really well," Gronkowski told

What was the highlight of the visit for the 4-star tight end?

"I really enjoyed all of the coaches. The players were real nice as well. Everyone was nice to be around," replied Gronkowski. "I came down with my dad. He enjoyed it a lot. That was his first trip to Clemson. He really liked the academics.

"Tribble Reese was my host. We got along pretty good. We just hung out with the other players. We had a good time."

How did the talented tight end rate his visit to Clemson on a scale of one to ten?

"I would give it a ten," stated Gronkowski.

The prize recruit also had the opportunity to get to know future Tigers Willy Korn, Landon Walker, Xavier Dye and Brian Linthicum who were also taking official visits.

"I got to know them all. They are all good guys. They worked me pretty hard," he said.

The official visit tour continues next week for the star tight end.

"Yeah I am going to Ohio State next Wednesday and Thursday," he said. "That is it for December. I am not sure yet if I will take any other visits in January. I might be ready to make a decision after next week, but I don't know yet. I'll have to see."

Coach Bowden spoke with the top prospect before he left Clemson on Friday.

"Coach Bowden told me I have a great opportunity to come in and play early at Clemson," Gronkowski added. "He also told me I have a great opportunity beyond football. I will also be able to play with a football program that is going to win some championships." Top Stories