Linthicum Talks Official Visit, Gronkowski

One of the top tight ends in Virginia just wrapped up his official visit to Tigertown. Find out all the details about his trip and his conversations with 4-star prospect Rob Gronkowski in another recruiting update!

TE Brian Linthicum Profile

How was your official visit to Clemson Brian?
Linthicum: It was great. We got a lot accomplished. I feel a little more comfortable about coming in January. It helped getting to know my roommates and getting to see where I will be living. I will be rooming with Willy, Xavier, and Landon.

What was the highlight of the visit?
Linthicum: It would probably dinner last night in the WestZone club. I sat with those three and a couple of the players. Then we went over to coach Bowden's house for desert.

How would you rate the visit on scale of 1 to 10?
Linthicum: I would probably say a 10. The only bad thing was my plane flight was delayed for two hours and we were a little late for dinner. That was not Clemson's fault obviously.

Who was your player host?
Linthicum: Michael Palmer was my host. He did a really great job. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time with him.

Did you spend some time recruiting Rob Gronkowski during the visit?
Linthicum: Yeah we spent pretty much time with him. I would say he has a pretty good feel for Clemson and what he would be coming into here. Now it is pretty much up to him. It is hard to say what he will do, especially with his Ohio State visit coming up.

What did the coaches tell you during the visit?
Linthicum: It was great talking with them today. They told me they are really looking forward to me coming to Clemson. They said they are happy that I am enrolling early.

Who came with you on the visit?
Linthicum: My mom came with me. She loved it. She was really happy I chose Clemson. She was really comfortable with the coaches and the academics. She loved Vickery Hall.

When will you report to Clemson?
Linthicum: We start classes on January 10th so I will probably head up a couple days before then. Top Stories