Dye Finishes Official Visit

Byrnes wide receiver Xavier Dye just concluded his only official visit of the recruiting process Friday when he left the campus of Clemson University. CUTigers.com has all the details of his trip and more in another recruting update!

WR Xavier Dye Profile

How was your official visit to Clemson the past two days?
Dye: It went pretty good. I had a great time meeting all the guys. I enjoyed looking at all the facilities and speaking with coaches. I just enjoyed being in Tigertown.

What was the highlight of the visit?
Dye: It was the WestZone again. It was also when I saw the locker room. They were showing us how it would look on game day with our jerseys laid out in the lockers.

How would you rate the visit on scale of one to 10?
Dye: Of course I would give it a 10. I had a great time.

Who was your player host during the visit?
Dye: My host was Aaron Kelly. I had asked to have him as my host. We had a great time. He told me everything.

What did you do Thursday night after dessert at coach Bowden's house?
Dye: We went out and hung out around town. We went to some of the players' houses.

Did you work Gronkowski during the visit to convince him to become a Tiger?
Dye: We worked him good. I think he had more fun than everyone. He had a great time. We hopefully got him in. He was saying that he was leaning towards Clemson.

What did coaches tell you during the visit?
Dye: They were just telling me what was going to happen. They gave me what I need to have when I come in January.

When will you report to Clemson?
Dye: I am still coming in early. I will be there somewhere around the 10th of January.

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