Shrine Bowl: Markish Jones Update

ROEBUCK, S.C. - Markish Jones is another Clemson commitment who has looked impressive on the practice fields this week in preparation for Saturday's Shrine Bowl.

WR Markish Jones Profile

How did it feel to catch that long touchdown pass yesterday during practice?
Jones: I was just trying to go out there and make a play. I am just trying to start on Saturday. It was against Scotty Cooper so it was Clemson verse Clemson.

What do you think of Scotty Cooper's play so far this week?
Jones: He is a beast. He is around the ball every play. He is coming up hitting. He has even has great speed. I'm glad I won't have to play against him.

How different is the competition this week based on what you normally see in high school?
Jones: The competition is a lot different, but I'm used to getting doubled and trying to get open. It is kind of helping me this week. It is nice to just go up against one defensive back.

How did you enjoy the visit to the hospital on Sunday?
Jones: That was like a once in a lifetime experience. To see how disabled kids look up to us. We are just in high school. I kind of got emotional.

(As Willy Korn walks by) Do you think Willy can get you the ball this week?
Jones: I love Willy man. He can get me the ball.

What are your goals for Saturday's game?
Jones: First of all I want to get a victory. Then I would like to get a couple of catches. Top Stories