Shrine Bowl: Cloy Just Wants to Win

ROEBUCK, S.C. - checks in with Spring Valley offensive lineman Mason Cloy to get his thoughts on this week's Shrine Bowl practices and more.

OL Mason Cloy Profile

What is it like to practice with the top players in the state this week?
Cloy: It is intense. The game speed is a lot faster.

How is it playing with so many of your future Clemson teammates?
Cloy: It is fun. It is fun to think that we will all be playing together out here. I am really getting to know everyone better this week. I am getting to know Wilson, Scotty and Stanley Hunter. They are all great guys.

What position are playing during the game?
Cloy: It looks like I will be playing left guard. Wilson will be playing right guard.

What did you think of the visit to the hospital on Sunday?
Cloy: It was sad, but it was definitely good to go. It lets you see what else is out there. It broadens your view on life a little bit.

Have you been doing any recruiting so far this week?
Cloy: Yes sir. We are trying to get as many guys as we can. I hope they see how we are busting tail and see that is what the future of Clemson is going to be like.

What is the main difference you see with the talent level this week compared to what you see at Spring Valley?
Cloy: Everybody is bigger, stronger and faster. The competition is much stronger out here. There are no weak links.

What is your main goal for Saturday?
Cloy: Win. Top Stories