Jones Talks MVP Performance

SPARTANBURG - caught up with Markish Jones after his MVP performance at the Shrine Bowl.

WR Markish Jones Profile

Clemson verbal commitment Markish Jones brought in three catches for 53 yards and a touchdown to claim offensive MVP honors for the South Carolina squad Saturday at the Shrine Bowl.

After the game, caught up with Markish to get his thoughts on the game.

Markish just start off by talking about your MVP performance.
Jones: Yeah, I had a pretty good game. I had one drop, but I told coach I was going to make up for it. He told me he was going to give me a chance on a deep ball. He told the quarterback to just throw it and I would make a play. I just went up and made a play. It is a great feeling. I would have traded it for a win any time. It is a great individual accomplishment.

Do you think you proved something with your performance today?
Jones: A lot of schools had questions about me playing receiver. A lot of schools were recruiting me for defensive back. I hope this game shows that I can play receiver. I can play against fast, physical competition.

How were the defensive backs for North Carolina?
Jones: They are good, especially that Marcus Gilchrist. He is going to Clemson too so I was kind of looking forward to playing against him.

How did the Clemson commits on the two teams get along this week?
Jones: We all told each other that we would be friends until the game started. Once the game started we were serious. Once the game was over we just joked around afterwards.

How did you enjoy the Shrine Bowl experience this week?
Jones: I had an awesome time here. We had a busy week with all the practices and all the charity events. We had a pretty good week.

Tell us about the touchdown catch you had late in the second quarter against Chris Culliver?
Jones: He is one of the top safeties in the nation. I guess it was an honor to go up and catch one against him.

Did you recruit Chris hard this week for Clemson?
Jones: Yeah, we worked him pretty hard. He told us that Clemson was in the lead on all the other schools.

How will the Shrine Bowl experience help you when you get to Clemson next summer?
Jones: The speed of the game is a lot different. Playing against fast and physical players in a game like this can only make you better.

How firm is your commitment to Clemson?
Jones: I am firm. I am still going to take my visits. Top Stories