Gilchrist: Be Ready

SPARTANBURG - caught up with Clemson commitment Marcus Gilchrist after the Shrine Bowl. The future Tiger defensive back had one message in regards to his upcoming freshman season.

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Marcus can you talk about the interception you had in the second half today?
Gilchrist: Well I was actually kind of happy because they were going away from me the whole game. I wasn't getting any action so I decided to start baiting the receivers. I was baiting the quarterback so I would play five yards off. I read his eyes and I just broke on it.

How would you describe your Shrine Bowl experience this week?
Gilchrist: It was terrific. I was playing with the best players in North Carolina. Everybody is good so it made me step up my competition a little bit. I feel like I came out and performed well so it was great.

What were you and Willy Korn saying to each other after the game?
Gilchrist: We just congratulated each other. It is just a game so there is nothing to brag about or anything. I told him he had a good game and he told me I had a good game. We just talked about keeping in touch with each other.

Are you looking forward to playing with Willy at the U.S. Army All American game?
Gilchrist: Yeah, I can't wait to play on his team. We will be on the same squad so I won't have to talk so much trash. We will be on the same side.

How will the Shrine Bowl experience help you when you get out to the US Army All American game?
Gilchrist: I think it will help me. This week helped me see where I am for going onto the next level. I think I am in a good position to work my way up to the next level.

Do you have any messages for the Clemson fans out there?
Gilchrist: Be ready. Top Stories