Gaddis Feeling Out His Options

Last year at this time, linebacker Anthony Waters and defensive end Gaines Adams were seriously debating whether or not they were about to play their last game as a Clemson Tiger with the NFL Draft looming in April.

Junior cornerback C.J. Gaddis is going through that same process right now. He said he has submitted his name to the NFL for the committees there to help determine where he might go in the upcoming draft.

"I'm in the process to see where the NFL thinks my potential is," Gaddis said Tuesday after practice. "It was all submitted last week and I thought I would good ahead and do it, but I really haven?t had much thought about it."

Junior offensive tackle Barry Richardson is likely the only other junior on the team that has reason to submit his name to the NFL committee.

Either way, Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden said he's not worried about losing either one of them.

"I don't think we have any juniors that would be close," Bowden said. "Barry is coming back. Do we have any other guys? I don't think we have anybody like Gaines last year that finished strong. I don?t think we have anybody at that stature that will jump out at the NFL.

"Last year Gaines was a hot guy and Barry has said he is coming back. But there is not another guy that is coming out. If there is, he will be crazy to come out."

For much of the season, Gaddis was listed as one of top five juniors at his position by "NFL Draft Expert" Mel Kiper, Jr.

However, by season's end Gaddis was off that list. But Gaddis said one of the reason's he submitted his name was because of where Kiper had him listed.

"I guess you can say that," Gaddis said. "I personally don't have that much production to be evaluated that high. Other people think otherwise, but it's a blessing so I?m just going about it and seeing how things go and how things turn out."

Gaddis said he expects to be a Clemson Tiger next year.

"I don't think that's an issue," he said. "First of all, my family wants me to stay in school. I want to stay in school so that's not a question. I don?t think about budging one way or the other."

Adams and Waters both opted to return and they had different results. Adams wound up making the right choice. He's likely going to be drafted with one of the first 10 picks and getting ready to be a multimillionaire.

Waters may look back and regret his choice. He was hurt in the first game of the season and lost for the year. Some NFL scouts believe his stock has dropped because of it.

These are all decisions Gaddis and Richardson will have to weigh. He said he will talke to Adams and Waters about the situation.

"Eventually I will and I will ask them because it will definitely be good to get their advice," Gaddis said. "As far as their experiences having anything to do with me staying in school or not? No. I?m pretty sure I will be in school next year."

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