Checking In with Chansi

CLEMSON - recently sat down with Chansi Stuckey to get his thoughts on his senior season, the bowl game and also the upcoming NFL Draft.

What are your thoughts about going to Nashville for the Music City Bowl?
Stuckey: I think it will be a good experience because a lot of guys haven't been there. I think it's better because it's a different place from where we've been the last couple of years. It's our last game, we just want to go out there win and have fun.

What do you know about Kentucky?
Stuckey: They've been in some pretty close games this year. We are starting to know more about them. We know they have a good quarterback and we know about the running back from this area. But they beat Georgia this year. They played Tennessee pretty close.

Obviously the team was close to do some big things this past season. What's been the hardest part about how things transpired this year?
Stuckey: The biggest thing is that we beat both of the teams that played in the ACC Championship game. We felt like we were the better the team but the better team doesn't always win the whole thing. Those teams did what they had to do to get to the championship game and obviously we had our chances.

If you get just seven more catches you move up three spots on Clemson's all time receiving list. Any thoughts on that?
Stuckey: I think that would be significant to do that, especially after missing three games this year and considering we didn't throw the ball as much this year.

Which postseason all-star games will you be going to in the coming months?
Stuckey: Senior bowl and then the NFL Combine. Dustin is going too.

How familiar are you with everything leading up to the NFL Draft?
Stuckey: I've been talking to Tye (Hill) a lot. He went through the process last year and was a pretty high pick. Basically, after the bowl game you have to find an agent and go to Arizona, or Atlanta or Florida, wherever you want to train and start getting ready for the all-star games and the combine.

What do you think scouts will want to see you improve on when they get a chance to see you at the Senior Bowl or the NFL Combine?
Stuckey: Probably show a little bit more with the deep ball when I get to the Senior Bowl. I think the other thing is that people want to see that my foot is okay.

What is the process like of trying to figure out which agent you want to sign with?
Stuckey: It's kind of hectic. You can kind of compare it to recruiting. Just different type of people with different personalities. A lot of people calling you everyday. Meeting with your family. It's a lot.

Can you actually talk with agents at this point or do you have to wait until after your college career is complete before you do that?
Stuckey: You can talk to agents but you can't sign with anyone. Top Stories