Q & A with RB Bernard Rambert

Running back Bernard Rambert will make only the 4th start of his career Saturday night against the Georgia Bulldogs. "He's been patient and he's paid his dues. Bernard is also a good leader," says head coach Tommy Bowden.

Coming off of an impressive performance against Louisiana Tech in the Humanitarian Bowl last season, Bernard Rambert is set to make some noise in the Tigers' backfield this year.

Rambert has played in over 600 snaps in his career at Clemson University, but this will only be his 3rd start in a regular season game Saturday night in Athens.

How does he feel about the team as a whole? What are his goals for the upcoming season? Here is what the one of the Tigers' top running backs had to say about those questions and more in this Q & A session.

Have you set any personal goals for yourself this season?
Rambert: Yeah, I always set my goals kind of high, but I'd say that this year I'd like to rush for over 1,500 yards and score 20 touchdowns.

Talk to us a bit about the confidence level of the team entering the game this Saturday.
Rambert: Well, we aren't going down there afraid. We need to go down there and execute, that's the most important thing. Personally, I like playing at their place.

Talk about the differences between you, Tye Hill, and Yusef Kelly.
Rambert: I'm a better runner between the tackles; I like to go in there and hit the hole. Yusef just punishes people, he can run you over. Tye is the fastest player on the team, he has all the speed in the world. We all have different styles and we can all help out the team in different ways; you can have different looks with each one of us in the game.

How much do you think you'll play on Saturday going in as the starter?
Rambert: You never know with this offense. Some games I could be in as many as 60 plays, others I might not be in but a couple, it really just depends on our gameplan.

How does the defense look this year compared to last?
Rambert: Oh it's night and day. Last year, once you were tackled by one of the DB's you knew you could get another 3 or 4 yards. Now, its a whole different story. You get back there and you know someone is going to hit you in the mouth. You got guys like Eric Meekins back there just waiting to smash you.

Do you think that you can beat Georgia this weekend?
Rambert: As long as we don't beat ourselves, we are going to be just fine. They play hard and execute as well as anybody, but at the same time, you know they put on their pants just like we do. We have all the confidence in the world entering this game, we just need to execute.

How do you think the offensive line is shaping up so far?
Rambert: These guys are more agile this year, not to take away anything from the guys last season, but these guys are agile. They are good at double teaming and getting to the linebackers.

How is the ankle, are back at full speed now?
Rambert: The ankle is good, I'm at full speed right now.

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