Spiller Stays; Korn Arrives

CLEMSON – This may be the biggest week in Tommy Bowden's coaching career at Clemson. Not only does he appear to have thwarted the departure of star running back C.J. Spiller, but Willy Korn, one of the top-rated high school quarterbacks in the nation, is on campus and in school.

Bowden said he will speak to Spiller's mother Thursday night to try and smooth the situation over. She wants her son to transfer to Florida. As of now, all indications are Spiller will remain a Tiger.

"It's not that uncommon of a factor," Bowden said of Spiller admitting that he thought about transferring. "James Davis did the same thing as a freshman when he went home. I'm very well pleased where it is now and I was never really concerned."

When Bowden met with Spiller Tuesday evening, he said he looked at the freshman in the eye and asked, "What are you going to do and what are you going to tell the media that's standing outside my office?"

Spiller told him right there that he wanted to stay in Clemson.

"I just know my conversations with him were always positive," Bowden said. "It never got to that big, huge problem."

Bowden said if Spiller ever asked for a release from his scholarship that he would grant it. But he added that he has never asked for one.

He also said tongue-in-cheek that he has no reason to believe that members of the coaching staff for the Gators and booster clubs would never do anything wrong and contract Spiller illegally.

"That would be highly, highly unethical," he said jokingly.

Bowden said the depth chart for the running backs heading into spring practice stands as Spiller and Davis tied for the top spot, with Ray Ray McElrathbey the third back and Paul Macko in the fourth spot.

The other star offensive player for the Tigers is now Korn. He enrolled this week, along with wide receiver Xavier Dye, tight end Brian Linthicum, offensive lineman Landon Walker and defensive back DeAndre McDaniel.

Of the five, Bowden said he believed McDaniel had the greatest possibility of playing the most just because he's a year older and played against better competition while in prep school last year.

However, he said all five will have a good chance to play this year because of the fact they have enrolled early.

"I'd say all of them are probably going to have an opportunity to see some action next year in some form or fashion," Bowden said.

Bowden said that the quarterbacks will enter the spring with Cullen Harper with the first team, and Tribble Reese with the second team, Michael Wade with the third team and Korn with the fourth team.

Bowden added that he has no expectations for the incoming freshman and that Wade has looked real good with the practice squad.

"We're not going in with any preconceived expectations on him," Bowden said of Korn. "He'd have enough with the fans and media."

There's also a real possibility that Bowden will use a two-quarterback system next year.

"I would not have any reservations at all if it came down to that," he said. You'd like to have one guy, but if you don't, I wouldn't feel that uncomfortable with (two quarterbacks)."

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