EXCLUSIVE: One-on-One with Kourtnei Brown

CHARLOTTE - CUTigers.com caught up with 4-star defensive end Kourtnei Brown for a one-on-one interview just hours before he takes one of his final two visits of the recruiting process.

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4-star Prospect Kourtnei Brown Talks with CUTigers.com

What are some of the things you would like to see on your visit to Alabama?
Kourtnei Brown: "Basically I am just looking to see what they offer me as far as the school side. I want to see about the classes and what it will be like. I want to talk with the players and hang out with the team."

What kind of contact have you had with the new staff at Alabama?
Kourtnei Brown: "I have only had a chance to talk with them once. I talked with coach Saban and coach Kirby. Just talking to them they seem to be pretty nice people, but I am looking forward to meeting them when I go on my visit."

What would you like to see when you visit Clemson the following weekend?
Kourtnei Brown: "Basically I want to see the same things I want to see at Alabama. I talked with coach Napier yesterday. I already knew what type of person he is. I have talked with him and dealt with him a lot. I am really looking forward to both trips."

What type of relationship do you have with coach Napier?
Kourtnei Brown: "He is a pretty good coach."

How will you make your decision? How important will your faith be in your decision?
Kourtnei Brown: "I am going to leave it up to God. He is going to tell me what school I should go to."

Have you decided if you will take any visits after Clemson?
Kourtnei Brown: "No sir, not yet."

What type of player will the fans get when they get Kourtnei on one of the campuses next fall?
Kourtnei Brown: "Well I would say that I am an encourager. I like to encourage the team when they may be feeling down. I just like to do whatever I can do to help the team out."

Tell us about the Shrine Bowl experience?
Kourtnei Brown: "It was funny how during the season you would be beating each other up but for just one game you get to come together. Actually for a week. You get to know each other a lot better. I really enjoyed it. I played on the North side and we had a real good team. Me and my other two players (from Victory Christian) our goal just to get through the line. We were basically just getting through and making a whole bunch of tackles."

Are your firm with your commitment to Alabama right now or are you open?
Kourtnei Brown: "I am open right now."

What are your goals when you do get to college as far as academics, athletics and spiritually?
Kourtnei Brown: "First of all I want to maintain good grade so I can stay on the team. I want to be productive on and off the field. I also want to grow spiritually and get my degree."

How have you enjoyed going to Victory Christian instead of one of the Charlotte Mecklenburg public schools?
Kourtnei Brown: "It was wonderful. I wouldn't change one thing about it. It is a good school with good teachers. It is a good environment."

When did you first start playing football?
Kourtnei Brown: "I started in the tenth grade."

How have you enjoyed playing basketball?
Kourtnei Brown: "I have been playing basketball since the 9th grade when I played on varsity. We have always had a great team. This year we are like 13-3. We are doing pretty well. We have a good coaching staff that is really helping us this year."

When will you have a final decision?
Kourtnei Brown: "Signing day."

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