Cloy Wraps Up Offical Visit

One of the top center prospects in the country just finished his official visit to Clemson. checks in with Spring Valley OL Mason Cloy to get his thoughts on his big weekend in Tigertown.

OL Mason Cloy Profile

Who was your player host this weekend?
Cloy: Thomas Austin.

How did you enjoy the visit?
Cloy: I loved it. It was awesome. I had a blast.

What was the highlight of the visit?
Cloy: I just enjoyed hanging out with the guys. I didn't meet anyone that wasn't fun to hang out with this weekend.

Who did you hang with Saturday night?
Cloy: We went over to his apartment Saturday night. We did this thing called DDR. It was fun watching some of the guys do that. We did that Friday night for about an hour after going to coach Bowden's house and Saturday night we did it all night.

How did you rate the visit on a scale of one to 10?
Cloy: 10, everything was enjoyable.

How did your meetings go with the staff Sunday morning?
Cloy: It went good. There weren't a whole lot of questions since we had been here so much. It was good to get to sit down and just talk with the coaches.

How firm are you with your commitment to Clemson?
Cloy: I am as solid as I can be.

Who came with you on the visit?
Cloy: My mom and dad.

How did your parents enjoy Vickery Hall?
Cloy: My dad says he loves it because they will hold my butt accountable.

What are you looking forward to over the next few months as you finish your high school career?
Cloy: I am looking forward to spawning season. I am looking for a double digit bass. Hope to come do some fishing with Wilson. Top Stories