Cooper Firming Things Up?

Lake City LB Scotty Cooper just completed his official visit to Clemson. Is he still firm with his verbal commitment? Has he sheduled any other visits before National Signing Day? Read on to find out!

LB Scotty Cooper Profile

Who was your player host this weekend?
Cooper: Rendrick Taylor. He is awesome. We are both from the Pee Dee.

Can you talk about your visit and your impressions of how everything went?
Cooper: Man it was awesome. It was real good. I enjoyed hanging out with the players. Seeing how they interact with each other. Off might be tight and def might be tight. Not like that. Everyone hangs together. Everyone looks out for each other. That is there.

Who did you hang with Saturday night?
Cooper: We just went and hung out. Went over to Rendrick's place. Then went out on the town. It is not too much, not too little. Just enough to have some fun.

How did you rate the visit on a scale of one to ten?
Cooper: 500.

How did your meetings go with the coaching staff Sunday morning?
Cooper: It was good. Talked to Coach Bowden and Coach Swinney. They just said how they are ready for me to be there. Talked to my mom about where I will play. They are going to let me play [Cat] safety. They are expecting me to come in and compete. Come in and have a chance to play early. That is totally up to me.

Did you hear about any commitments this weekend?
Cooper: Yeah we worked Brandon Hicks. We are trying to get him to play linebacker.

How firm are you with your commitment to Clemson?
Cooper: Yeah I was firm before the visit, but I was just wavering a little. I had some questions answered that I needed answered. Those were the answers I was looking for this weekend. I am firm. I am done now.

Who came with you on the visit?
Cooper: My mom. She loved it.

What are you up to now that your visit has ended?
Cooper: I am working out now. I am just going out trying to get stronger. I am still trying to decide if I will run track or not. I wasn't going to this year, but it would be kind of good for me. Top Stories