Greenville OL Back from Tigertown

Greenville offensive lineman David Smith checks in with after his official visit to Clemson.

OL David Smith Profile

Who was your player host this weekend?
Smith: My host was Cory Lambert. We talked a lot about Greenville High and how things have changed. We talked about how we can support each other.

How did you enjoy the visit?
Smith: I loved it. I loved everything. I had a blast the whole time.

What was the highlight of the visit?
Smith: It was just being able to see the campus from a student perspective. It was nice to just have some fun and relax.

Who did you hang with Saturday night?
Smith: We went over to Thomas Austin's house. We just hung out and had some fun.

How did you rate the visit on a scale of one to ten?
Smith: I'd give it an eleven thousand.

Did you hear about any commitments this weekend?
Smith: No.

How firm are you with your commitment to Clemson?
Smith: I am beyond solid.

Who came with you on the visit?
Smith: My mom and dad.

How did your parents enjoy Vickery Hall?
Smith: I enjoyed that a lot. They both liked Vickery Hall a lot. they were very impressed. Top Stories