Hunter Works 4-Star Hicks, Powell on Visit

One of the top linebacker prospects in South Carolina just finished up his official visit to Clemson. What were his thoughts on the weekend? Read on to find out!

LB Stanley Hunter Profile

Who was your player host this weekend?
Hunter: Xavier Dye. He didn't know everything. We just followed some of the upper classmen. He got lost going to coach Bowden's house. He kept saying he knew how to get there but then he kept getting lost. (laughing)

How did you enjoy the visit?
Hunter: I had a great time. I loved every bit of it.

What was the highlight of the visit?
Hunter: The banquet was and trying on the jerseys. The feeling you get when you tour the stadium. I liked touching the rock and walking down the hill. It made me thankful for the opportunity.

Who did you hang with Saturday night?
Hunter: We just went around campus. We just got to know people. It was like a big family down there. They made me feel at home.

How did you rate the visit on a scale of one to 10?
Hunter: Ten thousand.

How did your meetings go with the staff Sunday morning?
Hunter: It was great. All the coaches are cool with me. I love all the coaches. Me and coach Blackwell are close already because he recruited me. The coaches said I will play SAM or WILL. I will mainly be a special team's guy to start out.

Did you hear about any commitments this weekend?
Hunter: I was working Tydreke [Powell] and Brandon [Hicks]. We tried to convince those guys to come to Clemson. I was in the Shrine Bowl with Tydreke. He told me that he had narrowed it down to North Carolina and Clemson. He was talking about how hard it was going to be for him to decide. He was having a great time. He is a great player from what I saw at the Shrine Bowl. I hope we get him.

How firm are you with your commitment to Clemson?
Hunter: Ten thousand percent.

Who came with you on the visit?
Hunter: My dad went with me. He loved it. This was his first time being on campus since the 80's. He was there in the good days.

How did your parents enjoy Vickery Hall?
Hunter: He liked that. He is just so happy for me. He wouldn't have told me if he didn't like it because he is just so happy for me. Top Stories