Alabama DE Visits Tigertown

Drew Traylor talks with about his official visit to Clemson.

DE Drew Traylor Profile

Who was your player host this weekend?
Traylor: Tribble Reese.

How did you enjoy the visit?
Traylor: It was a lot of fun. We had a great time.

What was the highlight of the visit?
Traylor: I liked getting a feel for the student environment. I had already been up there for games and seen a lot of things. I already knew I liked the facilities. It was nice to get to just walk around and meet the people.

Who did you hang with Saturday night?
Traylor: We just hung out. He took me around to his friend's house and introduced me to a lot of people.

How did you rate the visit on a scale of one to ten?
Traylor: I'd give it a 10.

How did your meetings go with the staff Sunday morning?
Traylor: It went well. We had already covered most of the stuff. We talked about how the visit had gone and how I am doing with other sports back in Birmingham.

Did you hear about any commitments this weekend?
Traylor: No.

How firm are you with your commitment to Clemson?
Traylor: 100%.

Who came with you on the visit?
Traylor: My parents and my younger brother. He is 14. He liked.

How did your parents enjoy Vickery Hall?
Traylor: They really enjoyed it. We got a glimpse of it over the summer. We got to sit down and talk to everyone this weekend. We got to see who will taking care of me for the next few years. My mom was real excited after getting out of there. Top Stories