Exclusive Interview - Kourtnei Brown's Coach

CHARLOTTE - CUTigers.com visited Victory Christian Center Friday to find out the latest on one of Clemson's top remaining prospects on the board. Head football coach Frank Crockett talks about his star defensive end Kourtnei Brown and much more in this exclusive interview.

DE Kourtnei Brown Profile

What type of player has Kourtnei Brown been for you this year?
Coach Crockett: "Kourtnei has been an outstanding player for us. He has exceeded all of my expectations and I know he has exceeded his. He came into the season this year wanting to double his sack total from last year and he did that. Last year he had 15 sacks as a junior. He doubled that this year with 31 sacks. He has gained a lot of attention and he has had tremendous support from his other teammates. He also made the Shrine Bowl game for the North Carolina Shrine game. He had three sacks in that game and a blocked extra point. He was also named to the All Mecklenburg football team this year."

What are Kourtnei's strengths?
Coach Crockett: "I think his strengths right now are his speed. He is a speed rusher. Last year at the Nike combine he ran a 4.5 forty. I think now he is down somewhere in the 4.48 range. That is his best asset. He can speed rush a guy and in some instances he can overpower a guy. He is hitting the weights real hard. He hit them real hard during the football season. We will get him back on track doing that again after basketball season."

Who are some of the other talented seniors you had on the team this year?
Coach Crockett: "Also on the team with Kourtnei were some other defensive line guys. Our defensive line was our strongest asset this year. We had Michael Awute who is our nose guard. He was a Shrine Bowl selection as well. We also had Jason Jones who was a defensive tackle for us who also made the Shrine Bowl. Our senior running back this year was Sanquan Davis. He had 12 carries for 148 yards at the Shrine Bowl and four touchdowns. They helped us out during the course of the season as well."

Which schools are after some of these other top players?
Coach Crockett: "Right now Jason Jones has a number of schools has a number of schools that he is visiting. Those schools are Appalachian State, Richmond, North Carolina Central and Wofford. Sanquan is probably going to get into a military school for one year. He has had some looks from the University of Georgia. Michael Awute I am not sure where he is going to end up yet. He had some early looks in the summer from Georgia Tech. He is looking to up his grade point average so he can possibly be a division 1 player some day."

Tell us about Kourtnei's visit to Alabama this weekend
Coach Crockett: "I am not going to be able to make that trip. Kourtnei and his family are going to make that trip to Alabama. We set that up partly because it is more convenient for Kourtnei to do Alabama this weekend because of Kourtnei's basketball schedule. They are playing this weekend in Atlanta on Saturday. He is going to leave from there and go to Alabama."

Will he visit Clemson the following weekend?
Coach Crockett: "Yes he will be there all three days. I am planning on attending that trip."

Will there be any other visits after Clemson for Kourtnei?
Coach Crockett: "After that I don't know. I think he and his family is playing it by ear. I do know that today and yesterday I have been contacted by a number of schools that are still recruiting him such as Virginia Tech. Frank Beamer is supposed to come in here on Wednesday. We are going to have some more colleges coming in that are recruiting him next week."

Have any of the coaches had an in-home visit yet with Kourtnei?
Coach Crockett: "The only in-home that I know of right now was with Tommy Bowden. That is the only one that I know of right now. Carolina may have been another one, but I am not sure. Tennessee is supposed to be coming back down as well."

What kind of player do you project Kourtnei will be at the next level?
Coach Crockett: "Teams are looking at Kourtnei for the speed defensive end. I think Kourtnei is going to excel at the next level because of two things. One is his faith and his commitment to Christianity and his faith. Another thing is that Kourtnei is a very very hard worker. He is like a sponge. He absorbs everything that his coaches teach him and try to show him. He is the type of guy that wants to learn every time he steps on the field. He is the type of person that asks questions and he wants to perfect everything. Wherever he lands he is going to be an exciting player for that school. He is going to excel bigtime wherever he goes."

What areas does he need to improve before he gets to the next level?
Coach Crockett: "In my opinion he needs to work on his strength more because at the next level speed with get you by for a little while, but you are going to have to have that strength in order to face those offensive linemen in today's game. I think he needs to hit the weights some. He is going to do that here as soon as basketball season is over. We are going to bring in our seniors that are going off to college next year and prepare them for what they are going to face. We are going to hit the weight room with those guys and hit the track to get them into tip top shape. When they walk in there they are going to be ready to fit right into the program."

Tell us a little bit about the new defensive line coach you have coming to Victory Christian next year?
Coach Crockett: "It was kind of ironic the way it happened. I was talking with coach Billy Napier at the Butler verse Independence game. We happened to see Brenston Buckner there and we engaged in some conversation. He obviously found out that Clemson was interested in Kourtnei. We talked about that. About four weeks later I got a call at the school that Brenston Buckner wanted my phone number. He called me up and he had some kids that he had coached last year in a city league that he had some kids that he thought could come to Victory Christian and make a good student athlete. He asked me if I had any room for any coaches and I told him it just so happened that my defensive line coach left me at the end of the season and I needed a defensive line coach. He said he would like to do that. It was ironic that I needed a defensive backs coach as well and Myron Bell who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers was friends with Brenston and they coached together. Both of them are going to come over and coach for us next year. Our team is real excited about them coming over. We want to take our team to the next level each year I am here and they can certainly help us do that."

Who are some of the younger players at Victory Christian that will be college prospects?
Coach Crockett: "We have two junior running backs that will be good ones. Derrick Robinson is one of them. He came into our program last year and he is a 5-11, 180 pound running back. He is running in the sub 4.4 area and he is a tremendous ball player. He doubles as a defensive back as well. Also we have Justin Duhanney who came to us from North Mecklenburg high school. He was the leading rusher behind Sanquan Davis this past year. He is about 5-11, 185 and he is in the 4.5 range. We have a rising senior safety Darrell Riley who is about 6-3, 185 and he is also in about the 4.5 range. He is a tremendous hitter and a tremendous tackler. He had numerous interceptions for us this last year. Right now he is being heavily contacted by the University of South Carolina. Those are the guys that will hopefully propel us to a great season next year."

What do you think will be most important to Kourtnei as he selects a college?
Coach Crockett: "Kourtnei is a very religious and spiritual guy. His faith and what he thinks of the coaches and the way they treat their players is going to really play a big role in whatever university he selects. That is going to be a big item on his list. He is looking for a strong FCA program. That is what he is looking for and that is what we are looking for and praying for him that he gets in all the accolades that he gets and has made in athletics we don't ever want him to forget his Christian faith."

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