Checking In with Brian Linthicum

CLEMSON - checks in with freshman tight end Brian Linthicum after his first week on campus. Linthicum is one of five freshmen who decided to enroll a semester early.

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Brian you had an interest choice of two schools in the recruiting process with Clemson and California, what was the main reason you ultimately chose Clemson?
Linthicum: That is a weird combination. Clemson was the very first school to offer me and Cal was one of the last. It just happened that way. The opportunity at Clemson was there where at Cal they run a single tight end a majority of the time. I didn't really think the setting at Cal was really conducive to what I wanted to do. There was also a facility difference was major. I also just felt at Clemson that I would have the best chance to get to the next level.

It seems like the last couple of years there has been an expectation at Clemson that there would be more passes thrown to the tight end. Is that something that the coaching staff really emphasized to you in the recruiting process?
Linthicum: Right. I feel like the offense is always going to progress here. Thomas Hunter did get the ball some and he really improved over the course of his career and he's a great guy. The one thing I think they are going to do at tight end is be diverse. They've shown me a lot more that they want to do under coach Spence.

You saw how great of a start this team got off to last year only to slip up down the stretch. What are some of your impressions of what went wrong in those last couple of games?
Linthicum: It was pretty crazy, especially with the Virginia Tech game, but the whole time my dad would always tell me that at that point I'm just a fan. You need to take the loss as a fan because you aren't yet on the team. He kept reminding me that I was committed to the future of Clemson football. Now that I'm here, on the team, now is the time to be serious about it.

How big was it for you to have one of the top quarterbacks in the nation come to Clemson with you in the 2007 class?
Linthicum: He's definitely part of the reason I came here, especially considering that he also wanted to enroll early. If I would have gone to Cal I would have been the only one that would have enrolled early.

What made you decide that you definitely wanted to enroll early?
Linthicum: I transferred to a private school to re-classify so I could play football for another year. So I felt like staying in high school for another year would have been a waste of time. Plus, I already have enough college hours through AP classes to be considered a second semester freshmen. I just felt like graduating early would allow me to focus more on football here, get more hours in and get bigger before the start of the season.

What did the coaches say with you enrolling early? Did they tell you it would help you avoid a redshirt season?
Linthicum: They may have hinted at that, and if you come in early, learn the offense, get bigger and do the things they ask you'll have a chance to content for a spot, but they can't promise me anything. It would be not smart to do that anyway. It's all based on what I work for and how I do now that I'm here.

Had a chance to look at a playbook yet?
Linthicum: Not yet. I'm supposed to meet with Coach Napier Friday or next week. Other than that I haven't seen it. Top Stories