Q&A with Jon Richt

Jon Richt talked with CUTigers.com Friday afternoon about his commitment to Clemson University.

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Jon what was the reason you decided to go ahead and commit to Clemson right now?
Richt: The main reason is because of the coaches. I know they are sound in what they believe. And they also have sound coaching. Brad Scott ... he worked at FSU. I was kind of too young to really know him but I knew who he was. But really it was the coaching and the fact that Clemson isn't too far away from home.

So what did your dad have to say about all of this?
Richt: Well we talked about it obviously. It was just different because we had already said a long time ago that I wasn't going to play for him just because of what kind of position it would him and me in with the media and everything else that would go with that.

What role did he play in this decision?
Richt: He's my dad. He had a big part of it. He went through what the basics of the decision are and how everything works in the recruiting process. He knows obviously how this whole thing works better than most.

Why did you make the decision right now?
Richt: Well I've been thinking about it and praying about it. Throughout the last couple of weeks and months that I've been offered (by Clemson) I realized that Clemson was one of the best places for me to go and it's not too far away. And the coaches have good morals.

So what was his reaction when you told him you wanted to go to Clemson?
Richt: He was happy for me just like any other dad would be. He knows it was a big step in my life.

Can you talk about your skills as a quarterback?
Richt: I'm a drop-back passer. That's the best way to describe it. I can move around in the pocket some and can probably make the first guy miss. I can get away from some people but I'm going to be working on my mobility immensely during the next year.

What other schools were looking at you in the recruiting process?
Richt: I was getting interest from Maryland, Georgia, Colarado, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma.

Have you been to a game at Clemson?
Richt: Oh yes. I went to Georgia Tech game last year. It was just a great atmosphere they have there, especially since it was on national televsion. It was impressive.

Are you firm in your commitment to Clemson?
Richt: Yes sir I am. You can say I'm pretty much sold on Clemson.

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