Cheap Seats Come Under Scrutiny

The stuffy shirts at Clemson are at it again. University building inspectors, OSHA and the Pickens County Fire Marshall and other officials had ordered that the "Cheap Seats" be shut down because it didn't meet building code inspections and that fans and students in the area didn't have a building permit.

For those of you who aren't familiar with what "Cheap Seats" is, it's an old CAT bus painted in Clemson colors that has a couch and chair sitting on its roof, where former and current students sit to watch the baseball game from just beyond the centerfield wall.

There's also scaffolding attached to the bus, which is where more students and fans sit and enjoy the game. This is the fifth season the bus has been in that exact same spot to watch Tigers baseball.

All that might be changing.

OSHA officials employed by the university said the makeshift structure didn't meet building code regulations and asked members of the athletic department to not allow any students on the bus.

Athletic officials said they would do no such thing and that if they didn't want the students there, they had to prevent them from doing so themselves. And that's exactly what the OSHA representative did.

As the students showed for the game early Friday afternoon, they were met by police officers and university officials saying the Pickens Country Fire Marshall and the university weren't going to allow the students on any sort of scaffolding without the proper building permit.

Since when did a bus with a couch and chair on its roof become a building?

The group of fans pleaded their case, but it was to no avail. Thus, they did the next best thing they could, which was to try and comply with the regulations.

The fans went to a local store and bought $180 worth of 2x4s and plenty of hog wire so as they could build a perimeter around the bus.

The group quickly built the new perimeter and university officials and county officials gave in just a tad.

The bus was given a "temporary one hundred and eighty day permit." This will get the bus through the baseball season. As of now no more construction adjustments will be needed for this season.

One Clemson official didn't hold back on his thoughts about the situation.

"This is obviously a dangerous fire situation," said a very sarcastic Tigers baseball coach Jack Leggett. "There's lots of concrete and lots of open space. There's a big field, but no where to run? There's even plenty of water on the side of the stadium.

"I'm going to have to talk to somebody about this." Top Stories