Parker Gets Taste of Clemson

Clemson verbal commitment Kyle Parker spent the weekend it Tigertown with his father and one of his teammates. has all the details in this recruiting update.

QB Kyle Parker Profile

Parker, who committed to the Tigers in February, is one of two quarterbacks Clemson will sign in the 2008 recruiting class. caught up with Parker just hours after his trip to Clemson:

What did you do Friday during your visit to Clemson?
Parker: We came up around 10 on Friday and then I went over and met with Willy Korn. We went to one of his classes together. Then we went back and hung out at his apartment. It was nice to get to talk to him. Then we met up with coach Swinney. We went out to lunch at the Chili's on campus. Then we came back and went over to watch a little batting practice before the baseball game. I went to the team meeting at 3 and then I went into the quarterback meeting. They went over what they were going to do Saturday in practice. They went over some of the basics and they watched a little film. Then we went over and watched the last three of four innings of the baseball game. After that we went out to dinner with coach Swinney and his family. It was a pretty good day.

How did you get along with the other quarterbacks?
Parker: They are all real cool. We all get along pretty good.

What did you learn watching practice on Saturday?
Parker: Coach Spence was going through everything in the meeting on Friday. I was like man this is a lot to learn. He told me to just get up in there and listen as much as I can. He said that was the best way to learn it. I just got in there and started talking to Willy a little bit and listened to what coach Spence was telling them.

How much have you stayed in touch with Willy since you guys met last summer at camp?
Parker: We haven't really talked that much. I spoke with him last Monday. We have been calling a good bit this week. It was great to be able to come up here and go to class with him and everything.

How does it feel to have the decision behind you?
Parker: It is real nice. I was sitting on the field during warm-ups I was looking up at the stadium. I was like man that is awesome. I don't want to go anywhere else. Clemson is where I want to be. I am real excited.

Where did you stay this weekend?
Parker: My aunt has a lake house on Lake Hartwell so we stayed over there. Top Stories