Linthicum Talks Spring Practice

CLEMSON - checks in with another freshman participating in spring practice.

Video Interview with Brian Linthicum

Brian talk a little bit about your first day of practice.
Linthicum: It was definitely different than high school. It was pretty fast paced. A lot of reps. Defitintely a new experience but I think overall I'd say it went really well.

How have your first few months been at Clemson?
Linthicum: They are great. It's really laid back as long as you take care of your classes, being on time. Being on time to lifting and meetings everything goes smoothly.

What about early enrollment? Do you still think that was a good decision?
Linthicum: Definitely. Being out here with the guys and learning the offense is definitely going to get me a step ahead. As well as the classes, getting credit hours taken care of. Top Stories