Jones Relives Signing Day Drama

For one member of Clemson's 2007 recruiting class, National Signing Day was nothing short of one of the most stressful days of his entire life. Sunday evening, Broome wide receiver Markish Jones went on the record with to discuss his change of heart, his current thoughts about playing for the Tigers and much more.

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Clemson signee Markish Jones gave a new meaning to the phrase, "signing day drama" this year as he signed two NLIs (National Letters of Intent), one to Clemson and one to Florida State.

Sunday night, Jones relived some of the events that led him to his final decision.

"I signed with Clemson first, but I didn't actually send it in to Clemson," Jones told "Then I signed with Florida State and later that day I sent that one in to Florida State."

After faxing the NLI to Florida State, Jones started having second thoughts and made a few calls to the Clemson coaching staff.

"They told me I was a big part of their recruiting class," he said. "I had a long conversation with them. I told them I wanted to make a change back. I knew they had a scholarship left but I wanted to make sure."

The Florida State coaches also spoke with Jones several times on signing day.

"I talked with them a lot that day," he said. "They were telling me if I didn't really want to be there it would be best for me to go elsewhere," said Jones.

After deciding he wanted to play for the Tigers, Markish made more phone calls, this time to the people that ultimately held all the cards in the decision-making process.

"I called someone from the LOI service and someone from the ACC. It was easy because they had me on film signing with Clemson first," said Jones.

As it turns out, the National Letter of Intent services in Birmingham, Ala. ruled that because Jones first signed with Clemson, that NLI was binding, and not to the one to Florida State.

After learning of the decision, Jones admitted he was happy to put the ordeal behind him.

"I was glad when it was over," he said. "Now I am just ready to go to Clemson and make a name for myself out there. I want to try to get as much playing time as I can.

"I have been keeping up with how spring practice is going," he said. "I am just ready to get on campus. I will probably go up to the spring game."
"I have been keeping up with how spring practice is going," he said. "I am just ready to get on campus. I will probably go up to the spring game."

The offensive MVP for the South Carolina squad in the Shrine Bowl also says he still has some work to do to qualify for his freshman year.

"I got a delay on my score because I was late with my registration," he said. "I don't know my score yet. I am waiting to get it. I just want to make high enough on the test. I am not worried about grades right now. Hopefully I will get my score this week."

If Jones can get his qualifying score in time and avoid a redshirt season with the Tigers, ironically he will face Florida State in his first game.

How does he feel about those prospects?

"It will feel pretty weird," he said. "I know a lot of those guys. It will kind of be crazy. I am not sure how I will feel that night. I haven't really thought about it much just yet though."

Interestingly enough, Jones also said his family is still split on how they feel about his final decision to go to Clemson.

"They are kind of split," he said. "Some are happy and some think it would have been best for me to get away from home. I have some family members that think I should have gone away from home.

"About 90 percent wanted me to leave and go to Florida State. They just wanted me to get out of South Carolina. I have a lot of uncles and cousins that played college football. The ones that left home were successful. They ones that stayed close to home didn't do as well. I don't know if they went home too much or what. Some of them didn't even finish school. I probably won't go home but two or three times a year. I want to be successful."

As it turns out, Jones will get his opportunity for success at the college level wearing orange and white as opposed to garnet and gold.

But it only comes after getting past his "signing day drama," first. Top Stories