Insider Video: 1st Quarter Highlights

We've captured some of the highlights from the first quarter of Clemson's 33-13 win over Louisiana Tech Saturday. Included in this report are Justin Miller's 9-yard scamper on the game's first play, Yusef Kelly's first touchdown of the day, and much more.

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The Tigers got out of the gates early by scoring on their first possesion. Yusef Kelly scored from one-yard out, but Louisiana Tech would add two field goals to trim the lead down to one entering the 2nd quarter. Here are some of the highlights:

Justin Miller
Freshman cornerback Justin Miller takes the pitch from Willie Simmons and runs for a 9-yard gain on the game's first play from scrimmage.

1st Touchdown Drive
Follow the Tigers as they march downfield for the first points of the game. In this sequence, Willie Simmons completes an 8-yard pass to Kevin Youngblood and then a 13-yard swing pass to Yusef Kelly, followed by a one yard touchdown plunge, again by Kelly.

More Youngblood & Kelly
As the Tigers begin another scoring drive towards the end of the 1st quarter, Willie Simmons completes a quick pass to Kevin Youngblood, Yusef Kelly picks up big yardage on a run over the left side of the line, and J.J. McKelvey catches a quick hitch. Top Stories