Any Second Thoughts for C.J. Spiller?

CLEMSON - Much was made about C.J. Spiller's last trip home during the winter, when he was considering transfering to another school. Now that he has returned to Clemson after an extended trip home for spring break, did any of those thoughts enter his mind again?

As college students around the country go away for the annual tradition that is called "spring break," many parents are left wondering just what their sons and daughters are doing during a seven-day period that is known to be a time for students to "let off some steam."

The same could be said of a college football coach.

As a coach of a Division I-A school, Clemson's Tommy Bowden would like to see all 85 of his scholarship players, as well as his top walk-ons return in one piece after a week of "fun in the sun."

But this year, perhaps Bowden was holding his breath for another player who was doing anything but relaxing on a beach in C.J. Spiller.

Spiller, who admitted he was considering transferring to Florida in January to be closer to home, did return to Clemson without incident after an extended trip back to Lake Butler.

In fact he spent most of spring break with his young daughter, who was sick.

"I was back and forth taking her to the doctor (during spring break)," Spiller said. "Then I took her to the fair when she got better. She started feeling better Friday. Pretty much I just hung out with my family the entire time."

Interestingly enough, and much like his mid-January press conference announcing he would not be transferring from Clemson, Spiller admitted it was tough to leave his family, and in particular, his young daughter.

But when asked specifically if there was any chance of the events of January repeating themselves this week, he replied, "No, it felt great go home. It was still kind of hard for me to come back but sooner or later I'll get over it. It felt good to be home but now it's time to get back working for spring ball."

Bowden also said after practice that there was no additional contact made between the coaching staff and Spiller during spring to make sure he didn't have a change of heart.

"I didn't even think about it," he said.

In fact, Spiller, who appeared to be his usual upbeat self despite running extra laps after practice, went on to say spring practice has gotten off to a good start, both for him and the rest of the offense.

"Today I felt my legs were a little bit back under me," he said. "I felt a little quicker. They really weren't taking the backs down today but it's been a great spring so far- a lot of hitting. ...

"I'm trying to be more of a vocal leader but it's been going real good so far this spring. We are all working hard and are all out there competing for a job." Top Stories