Updated Sam Perry's NIT Diary

NEW YORK – Each day while Clemson is in New York City playing in the NIT, Tigers junior forward Sam Perry will give CUTigers.com an account of what he's been doing and what his thoughts are about those experiences.

"We went to the banquet last night and got to meet all the teams and meet some of the famous commentators like Bill Raftery and all them. That was kind of neat. I don't think I've seen them in person. I got to hear the famous voice.

"The Air Force cadets were in their uniform. The ladies would have loved them. You know the ladies love a man in uniform.

"We had nice filets and potatoes at the banquet. It was really good food.

"Last night after we got back, we went to an ice cream shop last night and there was this little crazy guy came up to us and asked James (Mays) if he was 8-foot tall. Then he said he could play basketball, too. He kept asking us if we'd buy him some ice cream. I wanted to buy him some, but they wouldn't let me.

"I wound up getting cherry cheesecake ice cream. I love cheesecake of anything.

"I had some eggs and stuff this morning, but I really don't like the food they make up here with the eggs and the bacon and sausage. It doesn't taste good. I don't know what they do to it, but it just doesn't taste as good as I'd like it to taste."

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