Insider Video: 2nd Quarter Highlights

The Tigers jumped out to a 17-6 lead in the 2nd quarter before Louisiana Tech responded with a touchdown to pull the Bulldogs back within 4 points headed into the locker room. We've included some great highlights of Kevin Youngblood and Yusef Kelly in these clips.

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Kevin Youngblood
In this sequence, Yusef Kelly takes the handoff for short yardage, followed by a nice 15-yard reception by Kevin Youngblood.

Louisiana Tech's Only Touchdown
Joe Smith dives in the endzone from just 1 yard out to give the Bulldogs their only touchdown of the afternoon.

Yusef Kelly Scamper
In in his clip, Yusef Kelly runs right up the gut for big yardage. Willie Simmons follows that run with a short completion to backup tight end Bobby Williamson.

Scoring Drive
We sneak into the 3rd quarter for this segment. Here are all the plays leading up to Aaron Hunt's 21-yard field goal. Included are several nice catches by Kevin Youngblood and a couple of strong runs by Yusef Kelly. Top Stories