Wednesday Sam Perry NIT Diary

NEW YORK – Each day while Clemson is in New York City playing in the NIT, Tigers junior forward Sam Perry will give an account of what he's been doing and what his thoughts are about those experiences.

"After shoot-around yesterday, we got a chance to go to uptown again. It was me and the fellas, Raymond and James and Vernon and Julius. We took the subway into Harlem and kind of walked around.

"It was nice. We got a chance to just enjoy the whole experience of being in the historic part of the city.

"We went by the Apollo and we got a chance to go in and got to take a picture with the stone or rock or whatever you call it. It was kind of interesting. Just to see it on TV with all the amateurs with the people getting booed and all that. Just to see it in person was kind of nice.

"I actually thought about signing up and auditioning because they're having a show tonight. I think I can sing a little bit and do a little tune for them – at least try. What's the worst that can happen? You get booed. You get booed at away games. I'm used to booing.

"I've rubbed two rocks, Death Valley and the one in New York, baby.

"After the game on the ride back to the hotel, everybody was just talking and happy. We were glad we were staying more than two days. Everybody was happy that we're still here and just living another day in New York. No one wants to go back yet. Even after Thursday night's game, we don't want to go back. We love it.

"I didn't get to sleep until after 1. I stayed up on the phone. We got to sleep in today. We didn't have to get up until 10 o'clock. That was nice. I had a chance to get a good night's rest. Top Stories