Thursday Sam Perry NIT Diary

NEW YORK – Each day while Clemson is in New York City playing in the NIT, Tigers junior forward Sam Perry will give an account of what he's been doing and what his thoughts are about those experiences.

"Yesterday afternoon, we had study hall and then practice at 2:30 at the prestigious New York Athletic Club. It was interesting. At first I wasn't aware of how prestigious it was, then I was informed and then I started looking around it was very nice. There were a lot of high-rollers, obviously.

"It was the first time we ever practiced with people in the gym and just working out and stuff. I guess that was the only gymnasium we could obtain and they a weight room in there and all that stuff. It was interesting because we've never had a practice in a college like that. It felt like high school, you know where the janitor comes in and sweeps. You know what I'm talking about. But I guess we didn't have any choice.

"After practice, me and some of the guys took the subway and we went to Harlem again. We took some freshmen with us this time – Trevor Booker and David Potter. We let them roll with us this time. We walked up and down streets and just taking it easy. That was it. The 2:30 practice took away a lot of options because we had to get back for dinner by 7:30.

"When we were in Harlem, I ran into a cousin I didn't even know I had. We just ran into him while we were walking around. We were wearing our Clemson shirts and he came up asked where Sam Perry was and I was like, that's me. And then he said, I'm your cousin. I'd never seen him before, so I asked him what his name was and then he told me and I told him I had no idea who you are.

"Then he was like, come on, we're family. Then he told me my father's name and then he gave me his nickname with what his family call him. Then told me my aunts and then he told me his mother, who is my great aunt. I'm like, this is a small world. Then we shook and hugged. I don't know him, but we're family.

"We had dinner at the hotel and dinner was good. I don't know if was a combination of me being hungry or just dinner was good. I think I was just hungry. We had some grilled chicken. We're always going to have that. Then we had some ribs, but they were kind of dry, but I ate a lot of them and I don't even like ribs. I was hungry. If something is free, then take it.

"Last night, we were watching film and it was the last time for the season and everybody got up and said a few words and it was very emotional time. I think it started to hit everybody that you can't do anything else. This is the last game of the year. It was a very emotional night.

"Me, Raymond Sykes, David Potter and Julius Powell walked through Times Square and Broadway and went into the MTV shop and got some paraphernalia for the family and for the lady.

"Then we went to Coldstone and last night, I was so mad that I got Cheesecake Fantasy, because David Potter got this apple ice cream. I'm not sure what it was called, but it was so good and so mad that I just kept eating off his. I think he got mad at me. I wasted my ice cream, really. I got full of his because it was so good. I don't even like apples, but it very delicious. I'm a junior and I can eat a freshman's ice cream. But I was mad that I spent $7 on my ice cream on a Cheesecake Fantasy, with extra strawberries and no blueberries.

"Shoot-around today was fine. No matter what, this is the last one of the season. That was kind of interesting. At this point, we've seen everything and you know we've been through everything. We've had the good times and we've had the rough times, and now, we're going through the good times again. It's nothing new. West Virginia isn't doing anything we haven't seen before." Top Stories