Quick Hits with Ray Ray

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com checked in with Ray Ray McElrathbey after Saturday's scrimmage. In first official scrimmage as a running back, McElrathbey led all rushers with 62 yards on just six carries.

Ray Ray you had an impressive performance in your first official scrimmage as a running back. Can you talk about what you were able to do out there?
McElrathbey: Well I got a few breaks. I had some great blocking and it went well for the most part.

You had that one long run down the left side of the field for 36 yards. Take me through that play and what you saw.
McElrathbey: I kind of got free and broke out and should have scored but Byron Maxwell had an angle on me. I'm going to have to get in there next time and get the touchdown.

Does it take you back to your high school days to be back on offense playing running back?
McElrathbey: Yeah somewhat because I get the ball. And that's a big difference from defense. You know, that gets me excited so I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can do. It's fun. I'm just going with it right now.

How comfortable are you with the playbook and knowing everything that is expected of running backs here at Clemson?
McElrathbey: Well, as of now I'm getting comfortable but not just yet. Give me some time and I'll be able to stop thinking so much. That's one of my problems right now is that I'm thinking too much about what I'm doing. This isn't a game of thinking, it's a game of reacting.

I've spoken with James and C.J. within the last seven days about the quarterback position on this team- so I've got to ask you. In your estimation who has looked the best so far during spring practice?
McElrathbey: Well I barely know the offense so I can't actually tell you who's doing what for the most part. They all look good. It's great competition between those guys and it's good for our team.

You missed the first four practices this spring, how important is it for you take advantage of what time you have left in order to make sure you see the field in the fall?
McElrathbey: I've got some catching up to do. Since I missed the first few days I'm behind. I need to put in some extra work to get to where the other guys are. So it's important and it's definitely my focus for now.

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