Spence Talks QB Depth Chart

CLEMSON - Listen to offensive coordinator Rob Spence discuss his current depth chart at quarterback.


Is it accurate to say that Willy Korn is the clear back-up quarterback right now?
Spence: I think we are just rolling things around like we did before. We are just giving different people different opportunities at different stages of the spring.

Is Cullen clearly No. 1?
Spence: Cullen is doing an outstanding job. Excellent job running the offense. Putting everything together the way he should and doing a great job of checking to the run game. Continues to improve every day.

You didn't say yes or no but the body language says yes.
Spence: He's doing a fine job. He is, absolutely, he is just where he was at the beginning of spring. He's improving everyday.

It looks as though it's experience has as much to do with his strong execution?
Spence: Absolutely. He's the benefactor of being here three full springs now. He's been coached a lot. He hasn't been in the heat of the battle here at Death Valley, in front of 87,000 people, but he's certainly had some experience in the offense at this stage.

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