Orange & Purple Game More Fan Friendly

CLEMSON – Saturday's spring game will give fans their first glimpse at what they can expect to see during the 2007 season. But keep this in mind, what happens in Memorial Stadium will be just a small sample of what the Clemson football team will unveil in September.

The Tigers held their final scrimmage Thursday night under the lights at Death Valley, and what happened there was far more productive from a team standpoint then what will occur Saturday.

Because of television and just plain spying by the competition, no team ever reveals its hand completely.

"You were always afraid of getting skunked," Clemson coach Tommy Bowden said. "Everybody has always been fairly selective (with what they show), because you always opened them (to the public).

"A local high school coach that liked the other team would show up and (spy). I've known some to even video the games. They'd take a little video camera sitting in the end zone and video them. It's always been fairly secretive."

Saturday's game will feature two teams divided evenly as possible. Cullen Harper will start at quarterback for one side, with Willy Korn expected to start for the other.

Bowden said he wanted to make the game as fan-friendly as possible, while at the same time getting some positive work in for the players.

"You can get something out of it," he said. "They're still going out there playing football. It's the closest thing to game day we do all spring. You can still see the guys perform and see who the playmakers are. It's not a technical (as practice), but this is the closest we'll get to a game."

Bowden said only guard Brandon Pilgrim, tight end Durrell Barry and offensive tackle Jamal Medlin are expected to miss the game. All three have injuries. There is a chance that offensive tackle Christian Capote could miss the game. He wasn't at practice Thursday due to a death in the family. It's unclear if he will be back in time for the game.

Bowden said his goal for Saturday is, "I hope we don't get anybody hurt. That's the biggest thing."

Thursday's highlights
Bowden said Thursday's scrimmage produced the best collisions from the defense all spring, especially in the secondary. According to Bowden, Byron Maxwell almost knocked someone out. He also said Haydrian Lewis and Chris Clemons also had big hits, while Chris Chancellor and Crezdon Butler each had interceptions. …

Bowden said defensive end Phillip Merling and tight end Michael Palmer got into, "a good fight today." When asked what classified a good fight, he said, "A good fight is when the helmets stay on. If the helmets come off, that's not a good fight. Once Phillip pinned him down … Michael's just not strong enough. Once he got a hold of him, he body slammed him." Top Stories