O&W: Bowden Postgame Comments

CLEMSON - Listen to head coach Tommy Bowden talk about Saturday's spring game at Memorial Stadium.

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Opening Remarks
Bowden: I thought we had a pretty productive spring, anytime you can keep injuries to a minimum, you are doing some good things. We had some small injuries but nothing that will hold us back in August.The kids are working hard and we are making some progress. Right off the bat, we brought five freshmen in here in January ... I've been real pleased with all of those guys. ... Real pleased with the crowd. Thank goodness the rain held off. It makes it a complete spring to have the weather hold off and have the crowd the size that it was.

Your thoughts on Cullen Harper today?
Bowden: Real good. I think he threw three touchdowns. He made some good throws. Real pleased with all the quarterbacks this spring. But his performance today is kind of what has gone on all of spring.

In your mind would it take something significant, like an injury, for Cullen to lose the starting quarterback spot next year?
Bowden: Yeah he'd really have to have a poor offseason and a poor August which would be out of character for him. But again, we are still looking to get this thing separated down to a definite pecking order. Probably Monday or so when I sit down with Rob we'll probably make a more definite statement.

Will you put Buccholz on scholarship?
Bowden: Yeah I'm going to put him on scholarship. He's on a heavy soccer scholarship but once he kicks one play he has to go on scholarship, so yes.

After this spring, do you get the sense that this team can compete for an ACC Championship this season?
Bowden: Yeah I think the last couple of years, with what we have coming back we've shown that the last two years we've come within one point. The things you don't know about are injuries. Where we lost Tramaine and Anthony and Rendrick and Roman - four starters and then Hamlin and Chansi. I think we do if we don't have significant injuries.

Has DeAndre McDaniel been the biggest surprise this spring on defense?
Bowden: Let's see. Byron Maxwell's name has come up a few times. He had an interception today. Bigger corner, about 6-1, 190. He would be one. I'm trying to think of a new guy. Maxwell is completely new and DeAndre McDaniel is completely new. Those would be the two guys right now.

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