Stockstill Talks About Grant had the opportunity to sit down and talk with wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Rick Stockstill this week about Kelvin Grant's situation. Will he definitely redshirt this year?

Kelvin Grant Profile

Kelvin Grant was ranked as one of the top wide receivers in the country his senior year at Camden High School, and when the Tigers officially landed him last February, most experts felt like he could come into Clemson and contribute right away.

It now appears that won't be the case. Tommy Bowden mentioned last week that the coaching staff had decided it might be a good idea to try and redshirt the freshman in hopes of him seeing more significant playing time later in his career.

We had the opportunity to sit down with wide receivers Coach Rick Stockstill and talk about that very possibility earlier this week.

Stockstill said, "We'd love to reshirt him even though he's good enough to play. The best thing he does is catch the ball and run routes. The worst thing is that he doesn't know everything about the offense."

"The main thing is that I don't want to put him out there in a situation where he only plays 10-15 plays a game. If that happened, then he would probably look back a year from now, or two years from now, and wished we would have redshirted him," said Coach Stock.

"I've told him before if I were selfish, if all I cared about was me and Clemson, he'd be playing right now. He could help us more later this year than he would this week, but I told him I think the best thing for him is to redshirt."

"We all know that he wants to play, but I think down the road he'll appreciate it, but if we get a couple of more of our guys knicked up, he won't have a choice," Stockstill added. Top Stories